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Hmm... What Fish Should I Put In This Tank?


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I'm working on setting up a 2ft tank (it's the biggest i can fit at the moment... although that might be because i have about 6 tanks around the place) and i was wnting to use it for my females and as a general display tank.

I'm wondering what kind fo fish i can put in there so it works well as an ornamental tank as well as a home for my females. I know it'll need to be a bit 'understocked' because i'll have varying numbers of female bettas in and out at different times. I'll hopefully be doing some very basic planting and aquascaping. I need to go and get more plants on the weekened that what i have coming i think because my tiny 3-ish month old HM female had already established the fact that she can beat up my older crowntail girl xD

I'll post pictures once it's something mroe than a 2ft tank with 4 or 5 inches of water and a betta in it XD (the poor guy needed a home until the females get to use it

any and every helpful suggestion is welcome :lol:


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I like most things (lol i like everything including the stuff that can eat me!) but as much as i love them i want to avoid my first instincts of revertingt o what i used to have as a kid and getting neon tetras (i might put some in a smaller tank anyway xD)

I'm most interested in what people think as far as what species and what numbers would suit a tank that size.

*edit because i did some googling*

OOH! striped kuhli loaches are awesome looking!

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Options for consideration

Stay Asian...?

Smaller fish

Cherry barbs

Checkered barbs

Red Rasbora HENGELI

Dwarf (Spotted) Rasbora - Boraras maculatus...(school of a dozen?)

Red finned zebra danios (someone has some....they colour up very nicely in a planted tank....they are very active!!!...maybe too active???)

Dwarf Botia - Yasuhikotakia Sidthimunki

Numbers depend on how many female bettas are in the tank???

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the substrate is one of the Ada soil substrates (forgotten which one) but it may have a layer underneath it (or i might just need to buy more)

I don't mind overly if the kuhli's decide to hide a little, my females are very active (or maybe it's because i'm the food lady).

I'm definitely going to have a look at everything you have suggested and go for a hunt with a list to the lfs in the area (i'll probably be going to the petcity at mt gravatt as they actually seem to know what they're doing)

Rod your idea is deinitely interesting. It would probably also mean that their required conditions would be closer (i htink?) My current population of females is currently only two (i went to someone's before a payday deliberately)

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I'd stick to the well tried varieties.

You haven't mentioned what type of planting your having. Don't forget that some fish will eat your plants. Silver Dollars whilst they look great will eat all of your plants.

You don't want aggressive fish either, so have a good look before you buy.

You have a small tank so we are looking at small fish. Neon Tetras are cheap and always colourful. You'll need to buy 6 min of these. Most shops give a discount for 10 which would be ok. About $1 each.

Guppies are very hardy and breed like hell. Some Guppies can look very drab (especially the females) but I have recently seen some very bright mono coloured variety. They also look great and are cheap and hardy. If you by guppies be prepared for fry.

Because you will have small fish I'd forget Angels. A pretty as they look they are bullies to small fish.

Swordtails are also a good looking fish, but my favourites are the mimi goramis. The blues, and reds look very nice.

Anyway have fun


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thanks for the advice everyone ^_^ the tank is now home to my HM Mg female, 8 dwarf spotted rasboras (more or less the same size as tetras) and a pair small albino bristlenose catfish.

everyone seems ot be getting along (although the rasboras seem to be endless amusement for my MG girly lol! )

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