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hi everyone

my name is AZ and i live in howard se Qld

i have had bettas on and off for the last 8 years mainly VTs and CTs

i have tryed my hand at breeding a few times with no luck untill latly i have managed to get

a CTxVT spawn to 2 1/2 months yay

my first betta was a yellow VT

atm i have

4 M VTs

1 M SDelta

1 M CT

2 Females

sorry thought i did

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i had a feeling you were going to say that so i tryed to use it from photobucket already no luck

pic didnt show up just box with x in it, also in my control panle there is only choose from pre-installed and online avrtars no my computer

anyother ideas

if at first you dont succed smack the stupid thing

i thought that i would just keep trying 10min later and it decided to work its what i did the first time :)

tanxs for the help

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