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Hi Guys Newbie Here


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Hello all,

Well, as you can no doubt guess I love siamese fighters so here I am, signing up for information and sharing information with people other than my partner about fishies.

Well, a little about me:

I'm a 26 year old Telstra operator with a part time job at an Aquarium. I live in Melbourne and we have a fair few tropical and cold water tanks at home.

I got into Bettas about 5 years ago and recently brought a beautiful male for my tropical aquarium.

I'm looking into breeding them with the proper set up and everything and i'm really keen to learn all about techniques and tips of the trade.

Well, hopefully this is a fair introduction without droning on.

Thanks :D

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Hello, and welcome! It's great to meet you :rofl:

LMAO! Late response but its good to me you too

Hi and welcome to the forum! its great to get info on just about everything. i have.

Where do you work? i live in melbourne too

Thanks, I work at Seca Marine Life in Oakliegh

Hi there Queenserpentine. Welcome to AAQ! *lol*

Thanks Mike, thanks for the fantastic Bettas *lol*

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