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Confused Telescopic

Guest JandC

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Hi, i was wondering if anyone was able to help my brother and i. We have had 2 goldfish 1 x black moor and 1 x telescopic and they have lived together for about 2 years in a small tank. We decided to get a bigger tank with more fish so dad took us down to the shop and we bought 4 more goldfish and something called a Cherry ? that the guy recomended lived well with goldfish, we bought 4 of them. We put them all in the tank and next day we noticed that the telescopic was rather lethargic and his eyes on the back side were sort of a dark blue in colour which eventually turned black and the eye then popped out and is hanging by a thread. The next day the other eye popped. Can any one help what do we do...we have seperated him and put him on his own in the old tank. Any help appreciated does he have a disease or was he frightened... thankyou.. JandC

*** please see clinic thread with the same title if you wish to offer advice to JandC***

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Hi JandC, my experience is limited but it sounds like your fish may have pop eye. It can be caused by various things, some of which are contagious, so you've done the right thing in separating him. Moderators feel free to remove this if it breeches requirements, but bettafishforum.com has a goldfish section where some one may be more able to help you out.

Also Kokosgoldfish.com is a great resource, they have a 911 emergency section in their forum you might find helpful.

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