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Hi From Sydney


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hi peoples,

name's 'tyng'.

back in february, girlfriend bought me a veiltail male betta, who i refer to as 'ramsey' or 'ram-rams'. it's now november and he's still alive! initially, his home was a 8L vase, now it's a 27L cube! he's a spoilt brat. he's managed to jump out of the vessel i've kept him in whilst cleaning his tank a few times. the most recent time, he fell 3 feet, but he still managed to survive! suspect he's about a year old now. he hasn't built a bubble nest since winter. am considering getting him a few tank buddies, maybe some otos.

in the future, am looking to obtain some plakat/plakatHM to breed.



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Hi tyng. Welcome to AAQ. I put some otos with a betta in an 18 inch planted tank. He chased them a lot. They could get into much tighter spots than he could. But I think he ripped his tail when he attempted to chase them through a tiny space. Anyway I can't the otos anymore. Could be that I just can see them because the tank is a bit overgrown and they could still be in there somewhere. Or it could be that he caught up with them and took a nip, and then another nip, till they were all gone.

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