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Hey :d


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Hey all :)

I'm a newbie fish keeper so to speak. I did have bettas as a kid but we were never given any instructions on how to care for them. I found it sad that they never seemed to survive :(

Now i'm a lot older and a lot wiser (and have spent a LONG time on the internet looking for reputable source on betta care). I'm currently setting up a small tank that i'm going to be keeping bettas in (probably just one male). I live in brisbane (in St Lucia) and I was wondering what breeders there were in the area, what they bred and what their recommendations for tank setup.

Eventually, once time, experience and money permits, I would possibly like to breed bettas on a small scale :(

Thanks and hey everyone :)


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Good to meet you, Susan. Yes unfortunately, there is some (alot of!) mixed information on proper Betta care around. Not to worry, you've

come to the right place. As far as breeders/experts in your area, there are plenty. And all right here!!

I would possibly like to breed bettas on a small scale :(

Riiiiight, that's what they all say!! :( Hope you have plenty of available space, cos once you start, your whole house will be one big Betta farm!

Have fun with that!! :)

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lol. sadly space is pretty cramped at the moment due to the fact i'll be sharing a small apartment with my brother. I suppose i'll just have to be creative with how i keep them :lol:

I actually have a tank set up waiting for a new resident. it's nice... but i already want more tanks and i don't even have a fish in this one yet! it's an Aqua One Panorama 45 so it holds about 16L (i think! still haven't checked and it didn't say) it's heated and filtered. Am fighting with the ph levels atm. It's still too alkaline :|

I have a very bad photo taken with my camera and it's evil flash (after spending years taking photos for uni records and to sell stuff i STILL am awful at photgraphy). and yes it is on a bookshelf xD


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Don't worry too much about ph.....Brisbane tap water with appropriate neutraliser is OK

You can get into a lot of trouble trying to play chemist......I have anyway!

Nice setup.....but personally I'd go for real plants.....they help improve water quality and there are lots that can be grown in low light.....you don't have to have fancy substrates, super lights and co2 injection.....Java moss,Java fern crypts and anubias would work

Breeding bettas is pretty easy....raising a reasonable number of fry a bit of a challenge for someone New to the hobby.....but not impossible

Start collecting jars.....or be like me and breed "Wild" types.

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awesome :D thanks for the advice.

it's dropped to a reasonable level ph now anyway :) I live in such an old building that it's nastily alkaline (i won't even drink the tapwater).

I have the fake plants atm until i can find somewhere here that sells real plants that aren't just labelled "freshwater aquarium plants". *facepalm* Do you know of anyone who sells them at a reasonable price?

xD as far as breeding is concerned i like a challenge! :lol: I'm definitley not breeding until i have a setup that can accomodate both parents and any fry i get (that and i am still hunting a breeder as i want to know what i'm breeding rather than take a guess with petstore fish)

*sigh* i can't type today. i keep noticing typos after i post

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