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Hi From Gold Coast Qld


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Hi there all, thanks for letting me join. I want to say hi to Cat (my sister) and Michael in Melbourne and someone Lea in Brisbane.

I breed and import beautiful bettas and am always looking for friends with the same interest so we can share help and advice and even fish. Look forward to future discussions with you all! Cheers Caz

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Welcome Caz!!! I hope to see you around on the forum and look forward to reading any posts you make!

xx Cassi

PS I'm also on the Gold Coast so keep in touch! We could end up swapping fish at some point to strengthen lines! Wouldn't that be awesome

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Hi all,

thanks for for your responses. Yes that is my beautiful Chemical Reaction as I call him, yes will keep you all up to date with spawns and yes happy to trade fish for good lines on the Gold Coast.


speaking of spawns, i got the most beautiful pair of green snows imported and bred them sucessfully, probably had about 100 tails down ! YEAH but then went all bad... could not get my girl out without disturbing the nest, took me three days then my boy did not want to come out... then bio filter would not start up OMG got boy out and no babies left !!! AAGH. Was very cranky and did not touch tank for two days then went up to give it a clean with white magic and OMG there was a baby when I turned on the power head and under gravel filter !!! Must be imagining things, could not see baby pea (I call the pair snow peas). Today, three day later, the power head has cleaned the tank and there it was, and i have him out, the one baby pea, has anyone got a name suggestion ? will do my best to bring him/her up !!!

Love Caroline

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