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Hi! What's My Fish? Can You Tell Me?

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I'm new here

I have a single tailed goldfish that doesn't seem to be a common or a commet.

his body is 4cm. His tail is very long and flowing, as long as his body, and deeply forked.

His dorsal fin sticks straight up, and is almost as high as his body is. he has a small anal fin. He has long flippers; two pair that I think of as his 'arms' and his 'legs'. His 'leg' fins are particularly long.

I got him as a fry a number of years ago (maybe four? can't remember) from the pond of an empty house; the pond has since dried up. (very sad)

His body shape is sort of like an egg in profile. He doesn't have that commet long body shape, you know, all long at the back, but his tail and fins are far too long and flowy for a common - yet he is a single-tail.

He's not a fancy-bred thing with mutant eyes and flotation problems; he has good eyesight and he's very active when he's active, which is most of the time, but will sit on the bottom and take a breather for a bit after a feed.

He's dark brown on the top, white on the bottom, and shinny yellow gold on the sides. His fins are golden-brown lined and see-through.

He's a pretty little thing

Thanks in advance for any ideas,


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