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Diy External Filter Heater!?


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i have a 5.5 litre tank that i am going to plant and maybe put a betta in there but i dont really want to put a heater in the tank because a 25w heater is allmost the size length of the tank and it looks ugly

so i was thinking of getting this tom's rapid 200lp/h exturnal filter and drilling a hole in the top and putting a heater inside and siliconing around the rest of the heater that pops out the top

or maybe putting in my hydor mini 7w heater in there, but i would prefure the 25w one because they have a temp control

here is a rough pic of what i mean


so what do you all think?

will it work can you see anything wrong with this idea?

the only thing im worried about is the heater might melt the filter case

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