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Betta Babbies Are Sooooo Cute!


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okay ... So I haven't seen betta babies before in real life myself... just seen photos and video clips ...

But today I got to go visit some betta babbies!!! Sunnylass (Teela) alowed me to come over to her place to check out her set ups and have coffee (and talk all things fishie) - Was great!!! Her crown tail spawn are soooo cute!!! (her mixed lolly bag off fishies).

I had such fun and it's so interesting to see a 'breeding' set up and running. OMGOSH the number of fish in those tanks!! .... I could have taken a few home if I had the room for them hehe. ... Even the puppy doggies where cute!!! :D

Thanks Teela for letting me crash your place :D fingers crossed you find some more boys in that batch!!! - and hope you didn't have to much trouble catching that naughty boy!! HAHA (or those naughty girls!!)

Was so wonderful to talk about fish to someone who didn't actually look at me funny nor needed me to explain what on earth I was talking about ;)

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