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My Introducions. Newbie


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Hey all my name is Aleisha,

I Have been keeping fish for 5 yrs or so now. Me and my partner have an awesome set up consisting of 2 four footers, one three footer, 1 two footer, and 2 one footers. We keep and Breed common bristle noses (we have two spawns atm), Betters (one spawn atm), Angle fish one spawn. Recently bought two discus. Have a large colony of neons, crown loaches, some guppies and mollies and some gouramis. I have a common knowledge of fish keeping and know a bit about Betta breeding. I joined because Im on the lookout for some Indian Almond Leaves (whole ones not bags), so if anyone knows where i could get some please let me no!!! Am happy to be of assistance to anyone who needs help breeding Betta. Well I look forward to meeting everyone on here. Aleisha :)

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Hi Aleisha,

Im Miguel from Melb. i got a bag of 50 leafs from Michael Chang he is on this forum as bettaratzi you can message him im sure he still has some.

I hope that helps you?? and he is a really nice guy too and helpful.

hey if you know of anyone who has some rose tail bettas please let me know


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