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Cycling Question?


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:( Is there anyway or anything that can give a false reading for high ammonia. The conditoner I am using is called Aquarium Science Complete Water Treatment. Its says that it removes Ammonia and Chlorine. Has Electrolytes, vitamin b , Aloe Vera and pvps? Also detoxifies and binds up heavy metals !!.

The problem I have is this. I have a small 25 litre tank that I had 3 platys and a guppy put in approx 3-4 weeks ago to cycle.(yes I now know its the wrong thing to do). It has in internal filter with sponge and cartridge and runs at 300 li/hr with a splash bar attachment. ( was way too fast with the other attachment). For the past 2 weeks I have ammonia readings of 8 (or possibly more). The tank went through a cloudy stage for a couple of days last week but now is crystal clear. I have not noticed any nitrites at all despite testing frequently. For the past week I have had nitrates!!. Which are now at 20. I have been doing daily partial water changes to try and save my so called" stressed fish". Well stressed is not the way I should express it they are happy as pigs in the proverbial.My guppy went on to give birth to an amazing amount of fry (moved her out into another small tank for this but a couple of fry are still in the tank.Also my Platy female went onto to have an amzing amount of fry as well.The dozen or so that didnt get eaten are swimming around happy as anything and growing and colouring up well.Surely if my ammonia was 8 + constantly they should all be gasping and sick by now or no longer with us.. I really dont know?.

Could it be possible that the conditioner has made the ammonia not dangerous to the fish but also not all available to the bacteria so I am not getting nitrite readings?.

Could it be my tank has cycled?. Surely I wouldnt get nitrate readings if there is no nitrite?

Hoping someone out there.will have some time to read through my saga and maybe give some advice.

My test kit is only a couple of weeks old and doesnt give me this high reading for my other tank.

ph is 7

temp 25

ammonia 8+

nitrite 0

Nitrate 20 (doing another water change tonight)

Also should mention I used cycle as recommended by someone else. I probably have done everything wrong but am here to learn

T.I.A Jen

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Some treatments which are intended to "neutralise" ammonia do in fact bind to the ammonia to covert it to a non-toxic form: however, testing may continue to give a positive reading with some test kits.

If you're showing nitrates but no nitrite I think you're probably right in assuming the tank has established a biofilter. However, you should be aware that the nitrogen cycle in small tanks isn't very stable.

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I've been known to go into long winded spiels about cycling... So I'll try to keep it short. Having Ammonia readings for the first 3 to 4 weeks is normal. It's what "cycling" is all about. Although, I must say, 8+ is pretty high. How old is your test kit?

The best way to keep your fish comfortable is to do daily water changes (25-30% is my target) to dilute the ammonia levels. I try to steer clear of special Ammonia fighting chemicals, preferring to do regular WCs.

Find some water/gravel/filter gunk from an established tank to kick your bacteria along.

These views are not neccessarily those of other members. This works for me, you may find a more suitable system for yourself...

Good luck! hth!! :(

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Thankyou very much for your input everyone. I should have also said my other tank I did not use the aquarium science conditioner.. I will just continue to monitor it and do the daily water changes with a new conditioner I have just got from a friend( my lfs is 1000km away). I would have thought my fish would be showing some signs of distress though with levels of 8 for at least 2 weeks.Also surely the fry would have died as well. Will update if any changes and let you all know. Thanks Take care Jen

p.s thanks y2jdaze

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