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Hi Guys!


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Hi all...

I'm Laura, 14, with far too many fish tanks by my parents' standards and far too few by mine. I've been keeping fish for over 2 years. I currently have these bettas:

Lucky, VT male, cambo BF, lost entire anal fin (big fish jumped divider and beat the crap out of little one basically.)

Guava, VT male, peach coloured BF with black speckles, rescue (tiny pet store cup, had dropsy/ammonia damage/finrot), now a pet

Minx, VT male, self BF in steel blue and maroon, pet, may breed

Heatstroke, VT male, pink/orange dalmatian, pet, will breed if suitable female turns up (heavy demand for this strain in FNQ)

Moonshine, CT male, solid silver, breeder (with Twilight), conditioning atm.

Twilight, CT female, solid silver, breeder (with Moonshine), conditioning as well.

^ That's the spoilt-rotten crew. I also have a 20L ember tetra/shrimp, 20L brackish guppies/bumblebee gobies, 85L community (cory paleatus, platys, bristlenose, longfin rosy barbs, soon a pair of kribs) and I'm in the process of upgrading my fry and breeding setups. I want somewhere to put all the livebearer fry when I move them out of the 20L tank they've been keeping cycled for me, AND a decent amount of growout space for the offspring of my silver CT pair.

Anyway, I came on here to look for advice on importing bettas, because an extremely nice pair has just turned up on aquabid and I WANT THEM, but I'll stick around cause this looks like a great forum!


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