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What Can I Put In?


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Early December we are planning to buy a 2ft tank. My aim is to try and put our 3 females into this tank along with some other fish in the hope that they all get along nicely and I that way I have more space and tanks for any of the babies I still have.

Anyway at the moment as my knowledge of what I can and can not use is very limited I was thinking along the lines of a couple of clown loaches, a couple of platties and half a dozen neon tetras with the 3 female fighting fish.

Will this work? Is it to many fish or not enough? Will they get along or not?


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Clown loaches will get way too big for a 2 ft tank, and they prefer to be in larger groups.

Neon tetras should be okay, but they also work better with a larger group -- say 8 or 10 minimum. Albino corys seem to get along with bettas and neons, too, but you should have at least 3.

A 2ft-er with 3 or 4 female bettas, 3 corys and a bunch of neons should be plenty (and pretty)!

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Well I have managed to talk the missus into allowing me to buy a 3 foot tank so will need to work out what else to put in.

The children want a Bala Shark. From what I have read they will be ok but once they grow to full size the neons might become dinner. Any suggestions would be gladly welcomed.

On another note a friend has a five foot tank and is thinking of selling it and if I can beg well enough I might be able to buy it so will be looking for even more ideas.

I liked VickiPS suggestion and that was the intention and wouldn't mind probably still going with that and adding some more.

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I have a 3 foot that I used as a female community tank for a while, they did fight but I made sure I had lots of hiding spaces in there for any picked on fish to hide in. A Bala Shark wouldn't really go with the female bettas either, from what I know of them they will try and eat anything once they get big enough. I'm actually considering getting a few to put in with my Tiger Oscar for company and he can handle their aggression, being a large fish himself. As a matter of fact I have so many hiding places in my tank that I actually forgot I had a clown loach in there, as well as my adult male BN, he's been hiding so well I assumed it was dead and eaten by the corys, they can finish off a carcass so fast that sometimes u only get a glimpse of it before it's gone!

In my 3 foot I have the following fish:

3 Butterfly Rams (2 of which are a breeding pair, which is cool coz they are monogamous)

4 Pepperd Corys

3 Bronze Corys

2 BN catfish (breeding pair)

1 Peppermint BN (male)

1 Female Betta

1 Clown Loach

3 Bumble bee goby's

I am currently looking at getting some more cory's, I love the panda ones they're so cute and some more butterfly rams also. I'm looking into some other American cichlids to go with the Rams

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