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Hc Cuba & Cory's?

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Among other inhabitants in my planted Community, I have a pair of very active Albino Cory's. Part of the plant arrangement includes a piece of Scoria (lava rock) covered with Riccia, as well as a smaller rock, similarly covered. The Riccia is well secured, hiding numerous windings of fishing line, however, I am forever running the fish net over the water surface, collecting stray strands stirred up by the curious Cory's. This isn't really a problem, as the Riccia seems to be growing very well, so I can afford to turf a little here and there, or even reattach it elsewhere... The issue is that I have a fair amount of vacant space to the front right corner of the tank, that is screaming for some ground cover. I would love to add some HC Cuba, as it is just the right size, visually, for my tank. However, going by the vigorous nature in which the Cory's go about their investigative substrate shovelling, I really hold no hope for the HC being able to get a decent hold, before it joins the pieces of Riccia on the water surface...


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*searches for "slap self on forehead" smiley, finds none, slap's self on forehead*

Why didn't I think of that?? Brilliant! Although, I guess I'd need to find a suitably transperent device, so the

HC got as much light as possible... I'd probably go for the take-away tray, due to being able to punch flow

holes more easily, but I know some of those can be quite opaque and not overly light friendly... Should be

able to find something, I guess.


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