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My Barracks Updated


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ive updated my tank abit and took a few pics to share

the updates to the tank are the new cabinet and im now using a fluval plus 2 to run the drip system and a fluval plus 1 for extra filtration

i still havnt replaced the val that was in the back ground so im up for any suggestions also long as it can grow in around 3cm of sand






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Lookin' good, divy. Is that new cabinet built from scratch, or have you adapted something else again?

Your Anubia's are looking beautiful!

Still curious how your boys go being uncarded all the time... Have you had any stress problems? Do they

seem to be getting bored of each other...? (Yes, these are my subtle brain-picking questions to help me

with my own barracks. Just pretend like everything's normal, nothing suspicious here........ :rolleyes: )

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ghengis i use to have them carded and let them flare at each other once a day but for the last week i have kept them uncarded to see how they would go

with them uncarded they flare at each other about 10-15 times a day but its only for a minute or two then they swim away and get bored of eachother

none of them seem streesed out so far but im still keeping an eye on them to see if i will keep them uncarded or not

oh and this time is a custom made cabinet :rolleyes:

thanks kitz, so do you have any ideas on what background plants i should use?

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That's beautiful, divy. I love the plants against the black gravel. your fish are easy on the eye, too.

How do you card them, when you choose to do so?

Interested to know this one as well - as I see this said so often. I found a great tank for sale that will take four fishies with lots of room... but there isn't a gap or anything to "card" them.

In my current joint tank (with clips and sheet of glass) I've just slipped in a sheet of plastic (cut from a plastic cutting board :) ) into the clips with the glass and then I have to push the bottoms into the gravel to keep them 'flush' on the glass ... only issue with this is, that the plastic isn't all that 'dark' and they still can see each other through there... :D

Maybe I should start a new thread.... :lol:

I'm totaly jealous of your tank :D - and your boys :D

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to card them i use black binder covers that i cut to the size of the glass then i just push them down into the sand

the water holds them onto the glass and when i push them down into the sand that helps hold them in place

its a pretty clean look when there carded because they stick to the glass really good

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