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Hi from a stressed Sydney tank owner!


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I have a 5ft tank 220 litres, that has been established since June this year (4 months) and for the last two weeks (after purchasing an ammonia kit) have discovered that I have high ammonia levels. Prior to that I was using the testing facilities of a local aquarium and all was going well.....

Refer to THE CLINIC section for a full explanation of my problem......

My Problem



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BUT IF Ammolock turns toxic ammonia into non-toxic ammonia, how can I tell whether I have good or bad Ammonia?

You've basically nailed it, Adam. It will read the same on testing whether you have ammonia or ammonium.

All I can suggest is get the plants back in, as they will use up some of the ammonia, and keep up the water changes.

what is the stocking level in the tank? and what fish do you have in it?

Also, some dechlorinators release the bond in chloramine so you end up with chlorine and ammonia. The dechlor gets rid of the chlorine (which evaporates anyway) but not the ammonia. Many Sydneysiders stand dechlorinated water for at least 3 days before adding it to a tank due to that, and also pH fluctuations as the tap water ages, which can be quite severe.

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