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Hi from Canberra


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hi Folks,

I'm Laurie.

I keep Cichlids generally, mostly tanganyikans and some catfish but am currently looking to the daintier side of the hobby :-) specifically some fancy guppies to keep my bristlenose and L' catfish company and to dabble with some genetics (I used to keep birds and miss a little the experimentation with mutations and combinations.... spending 3 or 4 years growing a frontosa up to breeding size doesn't really lean itself towards establishing the traits and characteristics of strain)

So if any folk out there have any particularly interesting guppies or have any pertinent info a cichlid-keeper needs to know about keeping guppies feel free to get in contact (So far I've sorted out rule 1: "don't put 'em in with the frontosa and electric blues")


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Hi Laurie. Welcome to AAQ. I don't have any fancy guppies at the moment. Good luck with your search. If you want to line breed guppies you need to ensure that you have virgin females to work with. The best way to ensure that is to raise the fry yourself. So get a nice fat female and allow her to drop her babies. As they develop watch out for the dark gravid spot that develops on the females just behind their belly. The females get this dark spot earlier than the males develop their gonopodiums. So you can get the females out of there before their brothers impregnate them. Don't get rid of the males yet though. You want to see how they develop so you know what genes your females might be carrying.

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