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My Girls ....


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... First up we have the Double Tail who's been named for the moment "Ping" (although she might get a name change as I'm not sold on ping yet) She's quite a fiesty little thing and runs around the tank the most she's most likely the 'crazy' one out of the three. - she got named ping from the way she was playing with food - she'd spit it out grab it again swim around with it - spit it out - look at it - attack it again... swim off with it again... etc etc :wacko: She seems to like to 'play'. She did get a little beaten up by the other DT - as I could see a few 'dark' spots on one side where I'm guessing Hidie (the other DT) nipped off a few scales. - Will keep a close eye on her to make sure Ping doesn't have any issues from that.

full body:


funny shoot:







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... next to her is Rosie. Rose is a delta tail (?). You can't see her colour as unfortantely I had to move the tank into better light to photograph them and soon as I moved the tank Rosie dropped her colour - as I sit here typing she's gotten some of the red and blue back - I'm guessing when she's settled in she'll be a royal blue with some red in her fins (currently you can see that the outline of the fins are blue and the centres are red). She's very placid - and was the one who got picked on the most when I tried to put the girls all in one tank. She's also my favourite - and the one I'm going to maybe mate with Eric if I eventually go down that road.

The Eye:


Full body:


A bit of colour - very slight


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lastly.... is Hidie (or long name version - Hidie Boy) the other DT - The Boy is because when I was at the pet store I was looking in at all the boys in there little cubes and spotted this one on the end I was a bit dubous to what was writen on the glass of the cube - it had "Super Delta - Male" ... I looked in the tank at this pretty blue green fish and realised a/ it was a girl b/it wasn't a super delta but a DT. When I was getting Rosie and Ping bagged to take home I mentioned to the staff that they had a girl in with the boys.... we then had a discussion about what the fishy really was. etc. I kind of asked if I could have the fishy at the price SHE should be (as the boys are a lot more expensive then the girls :wacko: ) ... I actually thought Hidie was much prettier then Ping and if she had of been over in the other area I would have picked her instead. So after a little bit of argueing over the fact that she was most definately a girl and not a boy... they let me have her :D - so yeap she's a "boy". Hidie was the eaiest to photograph as she stayed really still (as she was hideing under the plants mostly LOL - hence how she's gotten her name) - she's also the most domanite of the three fish. She was the one beating up on the other too - it was when she started charging/chaseing Rosie that I freaked out and put them all into the divided tank.

Eyeing me up:


Running away (Tail):


Running away2 (Colour):


Having a Breather (love this one!)


Eric can just see the other tank from where he is - he is nearest to Ping. This morning in his tank was a very impressive bubble nest. Guess he's quite happy about their being some girls in the house.

I will admit to that I have been refering to the girls by a certain naughty name "the b's" .. and its "Eric and his b...." haha.

Okay - well if you read through all that - you get a gold star. if you just checked out the fishies - you get a silver star. :D

Thanks for looking :(( - can't wait to hear what you guys think of my girls!!!

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:lol: yeah my camera is one of my other loves ;)

Canon 40d - with a tamron 90mm f2.8 macro lens ;)

So going to be getting a tank I can use as a photo tank to take even better photos for them all :D

as expected Rosie is darkening up in colour - I may be wrong on the blue - she might be more of a purple/lavandar colour... will wait and see over the next week what she becomes :lol: Pings colours are more intense, and Hidie is changing colour as well. I think I could just collect girls - they are so cute even if they aren't as 'showy' as the boys!

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OMG I want your camera! I've been looking at getting a Canon SLR with macro lense but I can't afford it sadly.

Rosie looks like a veil tail to me but I could be wrong. My reasoning for saying she's a veiltail is because as far as I know delta tails are a little more dramatic with there extensions...as in they come away from the end of the body more sharply in a triangle shape rather than round off like Rosie's do. it's not the best pic of her tail though and she needs to be really flaring to see properly.. Someone else please comment lol, my tail telling skill is limited unless it's obvious eg crown, HM, OHM, DT. Can't tell between deltas and veils to save my life!

PS who says girls aren't as 'showy' as males?! I've got a few females here that flare just as much and as well as most of the boys! Actually I've got boys who just don't flare at all...even when near females or other males!!

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:lol: - been doing some research and it seems hard to pick between the vt females and the PK females. I'm leaning towards a VT more then any as there where other vt's in the store.. the docket I got says she's a delta but hey they had Hidie as a boy so :lol: and I think the only other types they had where the DT's and one Crown tail ..

Will have to force myself to take some more photos of them next weekend ;) ;)

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