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Mardayin Betta's

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Hi, Everybody

I live on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Have been fishkeeping now for over 16 years from goldfish to marine.

I currently have a 4x2x2 with cichlids and a fully planted 3x18x18 community tank.

My focus now is breeding show quality Betta's. I have breed Crown tails / Veil tails in the past but just for fun.

But I now want to get serious about it.

I have just finished building a barracks, able to hold 150 fish, just started it up this week ironing out the bugs.

The fish that interest me are Half Moon / Crown tail / Delta.

Question: Where can I purchase fish from? Is it best, to purchase pairs or individual fish?

If any one can give good advise / help, I look forward to any replies.

My id is an Aboriginal word from the Datuwuy people.

Mardayin means BEAUTIFUL

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Welcome to the forum. There are members here that have good quality fish for sale from time to time. My wife and I have Half Moons in the Royal Adelaide Show at the present time. Look for my topic when I bounce it back up for pictures of our success in this years show.

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Hi Murray. Nice to see you found AAQ. It's a great forum and I'm sure you'll gain a lot of knowledge here. There are lots of places where you can get quality fish. Start by looking through the Classifieds forum to give you an idea about who has what. The decision whether to purchase a matched pair or an individual fish really depends on what outcome you're trying to achieve. Some people prefer to breed siblings. Others perfer to outcross straight away. First thing you should do is try to narrow down which varieties you'd like to focus on and then try and get the best quality fish you can afford.

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