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New community tank


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Hi all!

I'm setting up a new planted community tank and looking for some suggestions regarding stocking. It's a 60L tank and this is my wish list so far:

1 male betta (orange)

small school of rummy nose and cochus blue tetras (~4 each?)

2 peppered corys

1 bn

3 killifish (gold panchax)

I'm going to order most of these through livefish.com.au but I want another feature fish or 2 to contrast my betta. So I'm thinking congo tetras or maybe a rainbow? Anyone got any suggestions? I would like something peaceful and colourful!

Is stocking levels ok? I'm going to put an internal filter in (haven't bought it yet)

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Changed my mind, I've had a brain wave!

I have found a 2.5ft tank on ebay and I'm going to divide it into 3 sections with perspex inserts. In the two outside sections (smaller) I'm going to have male bettas and in the main large middle section I will have female betta(s) and tetras and corys.

This means I get to buy more bettas incl females and have a community tank! :D

I would like to have 3 female bettas in the middle but am worried that having the males around will cause agression between them? Are they jealous little biatches like us female humans??? :)

Can any betta experts help me out here?

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jealousy i doubt but trying to find 3 females that will put up with each other will be difficult. and even then they have been know to be fine one minute and snap the next. im not saying its a bad idea. by all means go for it but just be careful.

the neons should be ok with teh females but be careful as neons are known to nip fins. being female and having a shorter tail they will be less of a target compaired to a full grown male.

corries will be a great tank mate but they do better in groups of 6 or more so 5 minimum and let us know how it goes. post back here when you have the tank set up and leave pics.

also what plants are you planning on using?

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Thanks fighter boy

I have a pet shop who often gets females in and both she and her supplier keep them in a community tank, so hopefully I will be able to pick out some docile ones by observing their behaviour.

Not planning on neons but rummy nose and blue cochus (if I can get them) do these behave differently to neons? 6 cory's it is then, can I mix the types up?

plants will be whatever I can get my hands on, my local pet shop is a little clueless about plant names and requirements but I have found a few that work for me. From my guess I have foxtails, hygros, vall and some other unidentified ones. Everyone always talks about java moss, ferns and anubias but I've never seen any of these here (Kalgoorlie)!

Will post pics in a couple of weeks

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rummy nose will be fine but im not sure on the other ones. never heard of them.

anubias are a great plant and are almost impossible to kill.

the only downfall is there price.

vall are a good choice.

one tip i can give you is dont have an under gravel filter in there. they dont like the wqater movement under neath where there roots lay. caused all of mine to rot away the first ime. second time round all good. i removed the UG and ive had no issues apart from the constant trimming.

use this as a blog post.

post a newly panted pic just after you planted them and keep updating the post with pics and progress.

ill be waiting.

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ok I've finally got my tank set up. I went away from the divided idea and have just kept it as a community tank. The tank is 2.5ft and currently has a 55W heater and internal filter (400L/hr). I have another 300L/h filter on the way. I planted this tank up on the weekend and added a school of tetras (cochus blue) and my red fighter on Monday. All seem to be happy and the tank is already cycling nicely. It's Thursday now and levels are: 0 ammonia, 0.3 nitrite and 0 nitrate.

Here are some piccies with close-ups of unidentified plants (still looking for another plant for back left corner):






The finalised list is:

1 betta

10 cochus blue tetras

5 corys

2 yoyo loaches

3 bumble bee gobies

2 spotted headstanders

2 blue ram

Should I be worrying about the nitrite levels? The pH is around 7.2. I have so far done 1 partial water change (20%).

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