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another betta freak from Melbourne


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Hi guys

just want to say hi to everyone, stumbled across this forum

while i was hunting for more info on halfmoon bettas

got infected with keeping nice fishes and doing some aquascaping

while researching for the best fish to keep, fell in love with bettas

back while i was in m'sia, when i was little,

i used to be a champion in breeding bettas

only never get to see them grow up ..lol

but the melbourne wheather here seems bit tough to breed bettas

any suggestion?

i'll put my skills to the test again.. now that i'm bit more older..with bit more common sense

anyone knows where i get some high quality halfmoon bettas in melbourne?

been trying to contact bettarazzi..still no answer yet..

hm.. :)

anyway,...hi everyone, feel free to give suggestion and ideas

loving it..

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