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Hey Hey! Name is Melissa :-)


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hey guys!

glad to have found an aussie site!

ive just discovered that i can legally buy from aqua bid, so now im more hooked then ever!

ive only got 1 betta at the moment. his name is moey (avatar). not the best pic but its all i have

i live in western sydney and was wondering if there are any breeders out this way? im heaps interested in getting a few more bettas but aqua bid gets expensive over time, although their fish are BEAUTIFUL!!!

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G'day Melissa ;) Good to see another sydneysider on the boards :)

There are plenty of us out this way, but to the best of my knowledge, none are breeding bettas at the moment :( Still, maybe come summer ;) And there are plenty to share shipping costs with if you order something from a place that someone else wants to buy from too.

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