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On Friday, I went to manage to purchase some ADA soil from SLS in order to do up my CRS tank, now its a mini ADA tank with CRS. I will be added a heater, filtration and Co2 inorder to make the plants and HC grow. I think its more fun doing ADA with smaller tanks than big tanks. This is what I came up with. The shrimps are just used for testing the tank and to see if I can keep them alive. Will have some S to SS grade CRS coming in the weeks.

1. 3 Powders


2. 1 bag of Power Sand S special


3. 1 bag of Amazonia II Soil - Powder


4. Xmas mossed up driftwood in place


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Yep no filtration, i have seen a couple setups with no heater and filters and CRS breeding happily away in there. Change 1/3 of the water every week. Plants and shrimps are growing nicely.

The shrimps are just A grade, and was given to me by Dr. V from another forum, getting some S and SS grade free from him soon :lookaround:

I will be adopting a couple adult C grade shrimps to try in my 50cm ADA tank, Calla if you are after a couple. I could prob hook you up with some.

Mango :yes:

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