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ADA Rescape

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On the 4th on Aug I finally had time to redo my tank. And this time properly!!

I was lucky enough to get a day off to visit George at SLS to purchase my Aqua-soil. To me its the best purchase even in terms of substrate!

I was also lucky enough to purchase most of the plants I wanted to keep. So far not much inhabitants but lots of plants :D Other inhabitants will be either Cherry Shrimps or CRS.


Breeding Pair ofOttos

1 Cory


3 Rummy Nose Tetra

Pair of Cherry Shrimps


Blyxa Japonica


Pogo Helferi

Crested Java Fern

Needle leaf Java Fern

Philippine Java Fern

4 type of lotus (trimmed to grow compact)

Xmas Moss

Taiwan Moss

Flame Moss

Weeping Moss

Crinum calamistratum

Cyprus Helferi

Fissidens fontanus


1 strand of Hairgrass

1 strand of Ricca

1 strand of Unknown

Rotala sp. Green

pogostemon stellatus

Heteranthera zosterifolia

Didiplis diandra

My aim is to get a carpet of Gloss in the middle and then the front a carpet of Pogo. Helferi.

Photos here they come...

1. 3 powders that isn't in the Powder Sand Special...


2. Power Sand S Special



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Last Sunday I managed to do another 50% water change and do a little maintenance on the tank.

I added 3 cuttings of the submersed grown P. helferi, and when I looked closely at the large adult plants from Kingfisher, I noticed where the leaves have melted away, many new branches have sprouted and on one of the plants, i noticed runners also developing on one of its roots :D Thats about 2 weeks of being in my tank and already they have established in my tank. One specimen already has a 3cm new stem growing out of the parent ;) Fast growing!

I've also noticed that all plants have heaps on oxygen bubbles on their leaves, looks like they are happy too. Its good to see the stem plants are growing well with Reds developing of some of the plants :) The HC is also growing well, nice and green, just the way I like it...hehe

Here are some photos:

1. Full Tank shot


2. Healthy growing plants


3. Red plants


4. Blood stargrass


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