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Egytian themed tank

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been a while guys!! well the 3ft blackwater tank died, and so i reefed it apart and am redoing it as an "egyptian garden" themed tank.

it's about 80% done, just have to add another statue, some rocks, and wait for the smaller E.A's to grow out. and of course more fish :lol:

a bacterial infection wiped out 2/3's of my platies and the koi angel pair i had in there. so only a pair of gold angels, 2 bumble bee platies, 2 red and white platies, 4 white cories and 1 bronze cory remain.

when the tank's over the infection i'll retry the koi angels, and bring the platies back up to 5 of each kind.

the banana lilies and bronze cory weren't supposed to be in there, but i'd feel bad moving them now =_=;;

so, onto the pics!





edit: forgot to add that the water is cloudy because i just cleaned the glass (stirred up the sand) and they're being treated with TC for the bacterial infection atm.

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