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my bubble boy


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hello all :):Drunk_Buddies2::fish:

I'm very excited to find this place :)

I brought my first fish last weekend ..... He's the Eric part of my username! While I had the 'standard' family gold fish when growing up I was never responsible for looking after my own fish. I've always loved looking at Fighting fish (Betta's) in LPS etc - and always been cross to see them kept in such small containers! On a random visit to the pet store last weekend while tagging along with the boyfriend who was on an errand from one of his friends to pick up a coconut shell for his spider.... I happeened to go up near the fishies and saw the PRETTIEST Fighting fish. I just HAD to get him. Of course there was no way I was getting the 'small' (overpriced) cube thing that the pet shop girl tried to sell me - instead I decided to go visit the homewears store for a nice big jar/vase for him...

Finally got my boy home and all set up in his new home. Knowing nothing about my new companion I set about googling.... At first Eric was happy swimming around like crazy - day two - Eric just sat at the bottom of his home not moving not eating.. It was VERY cold. Knowing better now ... (don't believe pet store girls when they tell you that fishies are easy to care for an don't need anything more then water conditior and food ...) off to pet city to get heater - ring the boyfriend to say "hey you know that 10L tank you said I could have.. can you bring it over today?"

My boy is now happy in his nice warm big(ish) tank. So much so that yesterday and today I woke up to a nice well formed bubble nests. He's a clever little boy haha.

Ohh and so you can see... this is Eric: :photo:


I assume from what I have picked up already that he is just a 'common' VT ... and although he maybe common - I think he's pretty specail :)

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Heya, Peta! Really happy to see that you've completely ignored your LFS drones and done the right thing by your young man.

There really needs to be a revolution and some serious education on the care of these fish. Cannot believe the bored, doomed

look on the faces of all those poor fishies every time I visit my LFS/LPS...sorry, getting all wound up.

Eric looks great. Welcome to the forum!! :Drunk_Buddies2:

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Hey Peta & Eric,

Welcome to the forum.

Bubble nests are a great indicator of a happy betta :Drunk_Buddies2: ( as is a good appetite)

Your pretty boy is a royal blue, black head(unmasked) VT with a little red wash on the caudal and red ventrals.

It's very sad, but you've found out first hand how much misinformation is out there about the needs of bettas..........many of the LPS's people don't even know these are tropical fish.

Anyway, welcome and have fun


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Thanks for the warm welcomes :)

I have gotten a bit addicted to these little guys already (looking at aquabid is evil!!!) :) (should I admit to having names for my next two additions already? - I'm feeling fish clucky!! HAHA) :fish::photo::Drunk_Buddies2:

Thanks Mythicbetta for that description of Eric, I love the irredencent quality of my little man. I think his caudal is getting more and more red in it as he's getting more comfy.

I'm sure there will be quite a few more photos of him floating around soon.... my macro lens is going to be permantely fixed to my camera I think.

(I'm studying photography at tafe - so have a permante model to practice on now - was actually how I ended up buying him - my photoshoot got cancled, so i went shopping with the boyfriend to fill in my free time :))

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Hmm interesting that you said that I was wondering about it as he seemed to be growing more 'spikey' bits :welcome: I've been looking at crown tails and could see some similarities. And the pet shop he came from does sell CT's as well (although I'm 80% sure he was in the VT section!)

and just because I love getting out my camera to take photos of my boy...


He had been talking to himself in the mirror before hand .. and here he's actually semi flarring at me haha!

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Welcome to the fish keeping hobby.

In the early stages of the hobby many of us experience something that we call a learning curve. Hopefully you will be able to benefit from the experiences of the members here. For my wife and I we are second time round in the hobby, and I have been looking into the prospect of breeding fish to a comercially sustainable project over the past 6 months.

On our first time round with Bettas we had 2 litre jars sitting inside 4 ft aquariums so we could maintain the temperature year round by heating the water in the aquarium with water circulation around the jars with the heat going through to keep individual fish warm.

We have progressed far beyond that with the air conditioned shed.

As for your other topic on what people do with fish that are bred. We get few losses here. By the same measure though the traditional Australian genetics of Bettas do spawn the massive 500 plus fry. The halfmoons that we bought from Thailand however in the first generation because the fish are fasted for the journey spawn typically 30 to 100 in the first generation after reconditioning the females.

Looking at our females that we produced the F2 generation will have much larger spawns.

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thanks bettarazzi :dontknow: - yeah that's what I meant to say - I know the store does have ct's so figure there is ct somewhere in his parentage .... toying with the idea of breeding him - although is it really worth it with a vt? If i did end up getting him a girlfriend I think I'd go for a CT for him - not sure on colour - any suggestions? I've emailed someone to inquire about females etc <_< .. doesn't hurt to be informed.

He is a good little bubble nest maker ...i swear he was trying to put a chunk of his food pellet into the nest the other night - he went an grabed it ... swam over to the corner where the nest was and spat it back out - made me laugh.

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