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Hi from Adelaide

Guest Nightcrawler

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Guest Nightcrawler

Hi, my name is Andrew.

A bit about me.

So, I had a (small but) beautiful marine tank with some liverock, little corals, a 10cm Blue Tang, 5cm Clownfish, 4cm Pyjama Cardinal, 7cm Coral Beauty, 7cm Bi-colour Blennie, 4cm Humbug, and a few other little critters running around. I was at the LFS (of which there are very few in Adelaide that sell marine fish), and spotted a 5cm Flame Angel - my dream fish! And it was on special! So I bought this bargain basement priced treasure at $120 and took it home. I have never quarantined before, and have had a fantastic 3 year run with my tank, with massive over-filtration and protein skimming. I put the Flame Angel in, and life was grand. I was sooo happy.

Within a few days I noticed a bit of cloud in his eye, which can be a normal stress reaction to a new tank/water.

Long story short, within 3 weeks and about $100 worth of failed treatments/medications, all of my fish are dead, including the Flame Angel, and my tank and gear are emptied and chucked out the back. Nearly $1,000+ worth of fish/coral/crabs/shrimp/liverock down the toilet.

So, here I am about 6 months down the track and have just refilled my spare/quarantine tank and am going to do a freshwater setup. Have just yesterday purchased 2 x Cardinal Tetras, 5 x orange Molly-like fish, 1 x Plecos Algae eater, and 1 x Goby of some variety and put them in the newly-cycled tank with some 'Stress Zyme +' and 'Cycle' to get it all going.

I have a couple of other spare tanks that I am thinking about setting up and getting into breeding for some fun. I used to breed Mollies and feed the couple week old fry to my marine fish and they used to love it. Was fun too. Might do some brine shrimp, and some worm cultures also.

So that's me.

Does anyone from Adelaide trade or sell fish privately?

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Hello and welcome to the forum Andrew, the whole quarantine tank issue for new purchases is so frequently overlooked, sad that you lost a tank full of fish over it.

A number of years back while breeding Birds our local clubs in Adelaide tried getting avian vets to be guest speakers at least once each year. Seems whatever livestock we keep the message is the same. A quarantine cage or aquarium is the best protection for your existing stock, even if just so that you can observe the new arrivals for visable signs that may appear.

Yet many people still consider a particular shop as having strong healthy stock for sale. Suppose it comes down to our feelings of putting a new arrival in a smaller volume of water than the intended aquarium is going to provide that causes human nature to sometimes err on the side of taking a risk.

Normally any fish that I have for sale are taken to one of several shops at current wholesale pricing.

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Hey Andrew, welcome to the forum.

Sorry to hear about your tank :(

Good to have another Adelaidian here but...

I'm new to the whole fish keeping game and I'm only doing fresh (Betta and Convicts currently), but in my travels, I've seen one or two LFS's that do Marine. What side of town are you on?

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