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Herbivorous Red Eye's


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I've noticed, over the past week or two, that many of the leaves on the plants in my tank are getting smaller, with bite marks as evidence of their

mode of reduction. All of the broad leaved plants (Anubia, H. Stricta, E. Osiris...) have been nibbled. I busted one of the RedEye Tet's at it over the

w/end, after I had blamed the Cory's. Another habit they have developed, is to follow said (Albino) Cory's around during mealtime and stealing their

food as they stop to eat. So, in my "personality not persecution" theme for this tank, I am considering giving the RedEye's a one way ticket to the LFS.

I really do like them, they are by no means aggressive, only playing tag all day among themselves , it's just that this is meant to be a (moderately)

planted tank, so I can't be displaying tattered leaves...if ya know what I mean.

Has anyone had this sort of experience with these fish? I had always thought them completely low maintainance...how wrong I was..!

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