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G'day from Sunshine, Victoria

Guest deceptycon

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Guest deceptycon


I am a Betta Splenden (Beautiful Warrior) lover.

Who said fish don’t have personality?

Each of my betta has a different character and attitude to life. Hahahah.

Yeap! I am serious.

They are very intelligent, quick learner and affectionate. I often pat them with my fingers. They don’t seem scared or try to run away from my hand. When they see me they get very excited and they show it by dancing around (showing off their swimming skills). Often they jump up off the water surface to say hello whenever they see the shadow of my head near the top of the tank. I often sit in front of the tank and observe them for hours.

I have a 3 foot tropical set up tank where I am housing 4 female and 4 male bettas. The males are kept individual in barracks inside the tank and the chicks are roaming freely. Their house mates consist of: 1 Black Ghost Knife, 1Albino Bristle nose, 2 Khuli loaches and a Bumble bee. They seem to get along very well. No disputes so far.

I am in the process of conditioning my Bettas for spawning.

The punk is Juranamo (pastel yellow Crown tail)

The babe is Emerald (Pastel green like Crown tail))

Could someone please let me know where I could get some Micro worms or Vinegar eels starter culture in Victoria? Without these little guys I won’t be able to start the spawning process. I just don’t want to repeat the same mistake again. From the last spawn I have only 1 baby Beautiful Warrior left due to lack of sufficient fry food.

I thought I just drop a few lines to share with everyone.

Have a nice day!

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hey welcome to the forum! For microworms and vinegar eels pm fighters 4 u (cassie) she has wonderful cultures, that although we havent used yet are still alive and kicking after more than 6 months of neglect.....

This is a great forum and everyone is really helpful!

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