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Sunshine Coast catfish

Guest suncoastscott

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Guest suncoastscott

Hi all,

I am new to this forum but been in the hobby for many years. Keep a few tanks (25)...mainly Sth American catfish. Started many years ago with a couple of guppies and a bristlenose. Now breed many bristlenose (peppermint, orange spot, long fins, commons and albinos) along with some LG6 whiptails, clown plecos and various other L plecos. There's a few varieties of cory floating around. Also have some pearl gouramis & platies. The only Africans I have are some multis and kribensis but keeping an eye out for some other shell dwellers. Have previously kept bettas, guppies and a few other livebearers.

Located at Caloundra, Sunshine Coast, Qld


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