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Hello, from Sue


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Um, I've just realised I should introduce myself. I'm Sue, I'm in Canberra (brrrr at the moment!). I bought my first betta in March 2003, and have been hooked ever since. These personable little fishies certainly know how to become an indispendable part of your family. They also know how to multiply (they're the rabbits of the aquarium world, I reckon!), cos that one betta soon became two, then four, then ..... Well, I'm sure everyone else knows exactly what I'm talking about. I currently have, let's see .... 14 bettas. I don't have space for any more, but that hasn't stopped me from buying them in the past. :woohoo: My other hobbies are my horse, and eating chocolate. :woohoo: It's so great to see all the familiar people! I have so missed hearing what everyone's been up to, and who's bred what. Sue

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