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Welcome to the Gene Pool!

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Hi everyone!

This forum has been provided for you so that you can maintain an online spawn log/journal (a spawn blog, if you like).

Feel free to start a thread per spawn and make daily (or hourly, weekly, monthly - howeverly you want!) updates.

Although there are no hard and fast rules, it would be great for posterity if you could record as much data as possible. For example:


tank set-up

parents - coulur, type, genetic heritage/breeder

date that eggs are laid

date eggs hatch

water temperature (if you feel that is a factor)

first food

date that father is removed (and if he is removed)

date that new foods are introduced

tank maintenance

PH, etc.

Who knows, we may discover a significant factor influencing gender development in fry, or solve the conundrum of the missing ventrals.

Others should also feel free to post comments on the developing spawns, and of course put in their order for fry ;) .

Please keep to a single thread per spawn, rather than starting multiple threads.

We look forward to watching your babies grow!

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