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Importing terms and conditions

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From: someone <someone@internode.on.net>

>> To: KitzLovezBetts

>> Subject: Re: Questions about the domestic cost for betta fish~

>> Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2007 22:26:13 +1000



>> Please read the following information. If you elect to have me import the

>> fish you are deemed to have agreed with these terms and conditions.

>> To bring fish into Australia you need to go through an authorised importer

>> with quarantine facilities. Fish cannot be sent direct. (eg via Fedex) You

>> may be fined and the fish WILL be confiscated and destroyed.

>> The importing and quarantine charge is $25AU per fish. (reduced rate for

>>> 10 fish per shipment) This covers the transhipper fee, local and

>> international health certificates, packing charges, airport duties,

>> freight,

>> exporter handling fee, document fee, customs and AQIS clearance in

>> Australia, customs broker fees, all taxes and 7 days quarantine (including

>> food and medication)

>> Once you have purchased your fish the seller will hand it to the

>> transhipper

>> near the time of export. This is Preecha Ammara in Bangkok

>> (ammara555@hotmail.com)

>> From there the fish will be packed and handed to the exporter, and then

>> exported to Australia. Once inspected and permitted entry, the fish will

>> stay for 7 days in quarantine. When released from Quarantine the fish are

>> sent by courier to you.

>> Please note it can take several days from the time the fish are packed by

>> the seller until they are unpacked in quarantine. It is important for the

>> seller to fast the fish and pack in clean, ketapang rich water.

>> Keep in mind that sometimes fish die in transit...the package is

>> mishandled,

>> temperature differences between the two locations are too extreme, and

>> many,

>> many other reasons.

>> Some fish seem to just die from the stress of being shipped. Tropical fish,

>> even the hardy betta, are very delicate creatures. When you purchase a

>> betta

>> and elect to have me import it for you, you are automatically acknowledging

>> that you know and accept these risks. I am not responsible for fish that

>> arrive with chewed or damaged tails, fish that will not eat, breed, or

>> generally fail to thrive after they arrive.

>> Fish are housed in quarantine in 2L beanie boxes, in water treated with

>> ketapang, salt and general cure. Fish arriving with bacterial infections

>> are treated with antibiotics. All bettas are water changed twice and fed

>> 3-4 times with live blackworm.

>> If your fish arrives from the sellers sick, you have the option to have the

>> fish still sent through to you or to leave it with me to see if I can treat

>> it. You are still responsible for the importing fee. There is no guarantee

>> the fish will pull through.

>> Please confirm with the seller what their DOA policy is BEFORE the fish are

>> sent.

>> Fish that arrive DOA or die before clearing quarantine I do not charge for.

>> Fish that are sent as a gift I do not charge for. (reasonable limits

>> apply)

>> Fish for the next shipment to Australia need to be with Preecha by (TBA

>> possibly 2 weeks)

>> Once the fish clear quarantine you have 2 weeks to make payment and arrange

>> to receive them (local freight) If payment is not received in this time

>> the

>> fish will be sold to cover costs. This is not a fish minding business. It

>> is your responsibility to liase with the seller and find out when the fish

>> are most likely to be sent. If you are unable to receive them please

>> organise a friend or relative who can.

>> Please supply a suburb and postcode so I can calculate your local freight

>> requirements and cost.

>> Please let me know if there is anything else you require.

>> Best regards, someone

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How long does it take from when they get out of quarrantine until they get shipped. Right now I don't know what the costs are and have no idea of when my fish are coming. I seem to get stuck waiting for days to hear back from JL but then it doesn't address everything and slows things down more. I just want to get things organised and yeah I know she's busy but so's my hubby and we need to know at least a few days before they get sent. Just so he can make sure he gets the sleep he needs so he can go collect them from the airport.

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I've been toying with the idea of calling her but keep chickening out :P

Robert doesn't seem fussed so seems I don't have a choice. I'll have to wait until some one decides to reply to me. Seems lately I'm getting nowhere fast :P

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ummm i think it was 25 dollars per fish but im not 100% on that, either 20 or 25, 98 percent sure it was 25, the fish get sent on the monday tuesday or wednesday (not thurs or fri i dont think) and probably will get sent after someone confirms your payment.

delivery charge for fish im not sure of, im in sydney and i pay 20 for shipping of up to 8 fish in the box, melb could be slightly higher but not 100% on that either.

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Gimme a break!! Your last email was at 12.10am on the 11th. I haven't been home all day - so how the heck am I supposed to spring back with a reply??

The time between being released from quarantine and being shipped depends on how long it take to receive payment and the method of shipping. Fish will not be sent until payment has been received.

As for shipping, apply a bit of common sense. If you elect to have fish sent by road the travel must be completed before the weekend. For example, if you are two day journey away - then the fish cannot be sent after Wednesday.

Fish sent by air can be shipped any day (except for Perth) I usually consign the fish in the evening. Fish are classed as perishables, therefore the airline has 24hrs in which to ship them. Generally if fish are booked in during the late afternoon or evening they will arrive the next morning. In Brisbane you can collect from the AAE depot between 5am and 10pm - check opening times with your local depot.

Keep in mind that other events may affect delivery times. Each state has it's own public holidays. There is a lot of road between Brisbane and other Capital Cities - flood, fire, accidents can all cause havoc with delivery schedules; airlines go on strike, planes get fog bound etc

Fish are shipped in oxygen and clean water. They will starve to death before they suffocate. What kills them is stress! These are the toy poodles of the fish world - highly strung and delicate.


Cheers, J

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