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Tips for treatment of bettas after shipping

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I thought these tips were so helpful we should make them a sticky.

the copper pair are unrelated

word of caution;

it is not a good practice to put new fish into a tank together.

All fish carry disease to some extent. Just like people, there are different levels of immunity. Shipping fish is very stressful. it suppresses the immune system. if any of the fish are carrying even a tiny load of bacteria these will proliferate.

all fish should be treated with melafix/pimafix or heavy ketapang dose on arrival. keep this in the water for several days. this should keep any disease at bay until the fish gets back to strength

if you suspect something worse treat with antibiotics staight away.

all fish from me have been individually jarred. they will have no immunity to any disease (the immune memory of a fish is about 2 weeks)

by mixing the females you have exposed them to futher stress and damage - an easy vantage point for pathogens to enter.

these are not your regular garden variety tough as nails veiltails. these are line bred fish that are far more delicate. the paler colours such as white, orange, gold, dragon etc are even more delicate.

start them on very clean food like washed mysis shrimp or daphnia (the fibre helps gut function return)

buy only clean, bright red blood worm and rinse well before feeding

pellets are generally safe, but may not be well accepted. try them anyway

black worm is a risk. rinse the worms well every day and store in the fridge. rinse twice before feeding. a VERY small amount (say a diluted drop) of listerine helps keep the bacteria in the worm culture at bay. do not overdose or you will kill the worms.


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don't feed on the first day. let the fish rest somewhere quiet. keep the males carded. no bright lights etc

some salt in the water may be of benefit.

as much as you want to play with your new guys - leave them alone!!

some may take a day or two to lift from the bottom. feed very little until they are fully up and about

do not try to breed any fish for at least a week. ensure both male and female are fully conditioned and ready.

remember - they were probably fasted for 48hrs before being exported. they then spent 3or more days in a bag. further 7 daysin quarantine with only light feeding. this is followed by another 24-48hr fast, then a possible 2 day road trip.

dont expect too much too soon.

cheers, J

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