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Tanks Update


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just thought i would put an update of me tanks so i could get some advises on what's next :)

garage section

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top right tank - beats me what i am doing with that, BUT it has some kribensys 2 pairs + 5 juvie rusties, at first it was something to "Take a break" from betta's and something else to look at whilst inthe garage. i guess my betta love is a tad too strong, cos i kept looking more at the other tanks.

bottom right tank - female tank- most my females go in here, except pre n post spawn, they usually spend a week pre/post spawn in a 2 Ltr bottle havinga glance at supposed to be "this month's Mr charming" :)

middle tank - used to be my grow out tank, i had basically most my fry in there. clumsy reaching tank for a 2nd day WC me thinks....

low middle tank - current grow out tank. smaller than previous one, fry stays inside "fry-saver" nets to keep spawns seprated, although right now most are mixed up due to too big size difference.

top/bottom left tanks - 4 x 1ft spawn tanks. enough said. fry stay in there for 2-3 wks then supposed to be moved onto fry savers, etc etc.

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tank on left is a male keeper, contains 9 divisions plus one bigger division where the filter + bubbles stay. can house up to eleven males at harsh times (used to now max is 10)

tank on right another spawn tank

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post spawn or medicated containers. fish post spawn, sick normally go in here. if its colder days/nights an extra one comes out for the pre/post spawners

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current Thai method in practice plus 6 To Be Spawned, just so they can see their partner in love before being together.

Pls let me know if you guys can think of anything to minimize workload as it would be greatly appreciated! or actually any comments would be anyway!

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