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Mystery Fry


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well, i seperated out my green CT girl into a tank by herself as she was eating fry and attacking the other females. after a coupla weeks i saw something in the tank. lo and behold it's a fry! a very small fry :) no idea how it escaped being lunch, and no idea what spawn it's from (had 3 spawns go through that tank, but it had complete water changes after each spawn was removed) and the tank had been empty for almost a month before i put emerald in there! the poor thing was so skinny and small! :(( my very first mystery fry, i really hope i don't have any more, i hate to think of them starving for weeks!

i think it's a little marble copper, it's so cute :rant: it's in the big tank now living the highlife and hanging out with george the guppy fry :rant:

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