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Hi AusAqua members, I live in sydney and love keeping fish. Growing up i was fascinated with all types of animals. A kid that lived across the road from me had a avairy with budgies and canaries and i would go over to his house after school and we would sit in in front of the aviary and watch the birds fly around until it went dark. Back then, we lived in a small place with a strict no pet policy but i was constantly asking if we could buy a dog or a cat, maybe a little bird cage. so my dad bought me a fighting fish when i was 7 years old as a compromise. since then, i have bred bettas, had drums and buckets (and any other container i could find) full betta spawn, raided the cupoards and the local recycle places for jars.... you guys know the story. I have also had Cichilds, African cichlids, catfish, gouramis, turtles, dogs, chickens, lizards, frogs..... As usual the school, work, girls, life get in the way and bettas took a back seat. I have recently had a knee reconstruction... and i have been told i will be basically house bound for months. It really sucks, rehab is painful but its a good excuse to slow things down and keep some fighting fish. At the moment i don't own any bettas but i am looking forward to purchasing some very soon. I found this site after searching for Local suppliers on google. i am amazed at all the new fin varieties and colours. Thanks for reading, Racecar

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