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Betta Sending/receiving Services

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Feel free to post a reply in here if you are willing to assist with sending/receiving bettas into/out of Brisbane. Please identify the class of service you'd be willing to provide, eg:

Recipient of parcels

Do you accept delivery from the courier etc only or will you deliver to the owner?

if you will deliver, within what area?

will you charge for delivery? If so - how much?

your DOA/DIC (death in your custody) policy

maximum number of days that you will hold fish

what you reserve the right to do if the owner does not take delivery of the fish within the maximum time nominated by you

Sender of parcels

day(s) that you will send fish (eg, Tuesday at the latest)

day that the fish must be provided to you (eg same day as courier pick-up, night before, Sunday for a pick-up on Tuesday)

Packaging assistance - ie whether you will double-bag and pack the fish and label the parcel, etc, or must the owner bring the parcel packed and ready to go?

whether you supply bags/boxes/heatpacks etc or owner must supply their own

your "DIC" or death in transit policy

your charge per fish/parcel (if any) and by whom is it payable (sender or recipient)

whether charges are payable up-front

whether you have your own courier labels/account or require funding to assist in purchase of start up

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