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Hsa (bio-flow 9) Media


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About a month ago I purchased 150L of HSA media (Bioflow-9). It is a plastic media with one of the highest surface area at 963m2 per 1000L, its protected surface area is 484m2 per 1000L. The media can be used in a fluidised manner or as a static media to trap fines of up to 5 micron (50% of 5 micron particles can be trapped). The static media works well in combination with bakki showers when the static media is fed by a surface skimmer at around 25% of the total turnover rate.

I have used it as a static media in my settleing chamber and a moving fluidised filter on my second chamber. The static media traps all the free floating particles from entering the moving bed. The moving bed is ran with a Hiblow80 airpump.

HSA media as static:

Posted Image

HSA media as moving bed:

Posted Image

The HSA is a cheaper and better alternative to the Kaldnes' K1 media. So far I find it working well with my pond and hoping to add another chamber of HSA media in the near future.

The price of this media is $130/50ltr. While the K1 is $150/50ltr.

I would recommend this media for any filtration media as moving or static.

Mango :lol:

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