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My son and I took some of our fish to a local Sunday market today. Our barracks is full, 20 juices containers and regular water changes are not fun when not 100%. :) So we decide that after the reception of our fish at the show, we would take some of our darlings to a markets and reduce the work load. We took 4 CT males, 4 Delta males, 4 SD males and 4 DT males. 4 SD and 4 DT females were also taken. We sold 6 females and 4 males(2 CT, 1 DT and 1 SD), which I didn't think was too bad for a quiet day due to markets being on at the beach also. It wasn't until we were home and talking tonight that my son informed me that several people out of my hearing range commented that they did not look like bettas. Funny what people will say with only kids around. :) To top it off I had a lady inform me that her daughter had just recently bought a 'sail fin' fighter, which after discussion turned out to be a VT. :) Our LFS don't help, when they only stock VT and CT. A sad looking HM will cost you $45 and you might see one once every two years if you are lucky, or is it unlucky? We are going back again next weekend but have decided to put up a display explaining fin types for our uneducated customers and passerbys. We have limited good quality photos and would therefore like to ask if you could send some of yours to us to use. A variety of fins and colours would be greatly appreciated. Just what you have on hand, not asking for people to go out of their way. Any other suggestions would be great also :)

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