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Toys For Bettas?

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Hey All, ;) I was just wondering, is there any kind toy or object that can provide entertainment to a betta that is carded/has no contact with other bettas except when flaring or in a breeding/community tank setup? Apart from a short period in front of a mirror each day, most jarred and carded bettas don't see another betta and seem to just drift around the tank aimlessly unless they are interacting with you. So is there something they can play with and that they WILL play with that will keep them happy when they are "alone"? I know this is an unusual question, but hey, giant gourami and Oscars can play with toys, so why not bettas? Or aren't bettas smart enough, or don't they really need toys? Anything to keep a betta's life as enriched as possible lol... Cheers guys, Stefan ;) :)

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