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Hi all

I just thought I'd post up these pics I took a couple of weeks ago, just for interests sake. ;)

This is my little Haro, he's a pink/red CT/VT cross, I've had him for about a year now, I got him the same time as I got Nibbler.

He was struck down a few months ago with a cotton fungus, which also affected three of my other males. In both Haro and Oscar (my metallic green VT) it degenerated into columnaris. Oscar was hard hit, and within a day his tail was completely down to nothing, it even ate into his skin, so I had to PTS. :lol:

Haro hung in there, just barely, but lost a good 2/3 of his caudal as a result.

Check out the regrowth on his caudal now! :( I just thought these pics were really good for demonstrating fin regrowth.

Posted Image

Posted Image

My little trooper. ;)




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