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Do Killis And Bettas Get Along?


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bettas don't really seem to get along well with any other brightly coloured fish.. so my guess considering the flamboyant colours of a lot of killies would be probably not. I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination though so I may be wide of the mark.

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To answer your question:

It depends on your species of betta and killifish.

Only time I've mixed them was a great success. In the 55cm square tank I had a pair of Betta dimidiata and two pairs of Aphyosemion striatum and Chromaphyosemion biateniatum.

I had male dimidiata regularly mouthbrooding and collected eggs of the mops of the killies.

If a betta (splendens) and a killie (maybe gardneri) picked a fight. I would imagine splendens will come out worse, only because the long flowing fins make such good targets! I am not willing to test the theory though.

It is widely said (and I'd agree) one should not keep long flowing finned guppies with splendens, because splendens will attack it!!! But I've done that in the past with no effect!!!

It just depends the environment and the psycology of your fish :lol::lol: :lol:

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