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New Spawns Lined Up...

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So, now all responsibilities of shows and club activities are almost over, it's time to look at my next spawns that should take me through the summer.  I am looking at attempting a spawn every 2-3 weeks to try and stagger jarring out between spawns.

So, here is what is lined up...

Copper CT pair.
Blue Grizzle/Yellow CT M x Orange F
Feral NT Splendens Pair
Wild Splendens M x Feral NT Splendens F
Blue HMPK M x White CT F

I also have 2 x 18 month old Red Dragon VT x HMPK females I am looking for a suitable VT male for.  The original idea was to make the cross, then spawn siblings to obtain fuller finnage VTs.  Unfortunately one of the males I kept as a breeder developed tumours all over his body and the other male died.  I have decided that it is probably worth pursuing using either a Red Dragon VT male or a plain Red male (dragon scaling will be rediiiiuced but will return in following generation.) The result will still give me the fuller finnage I was after.

I will upload photos of the pairs as I set them up, then start spawn logs once successfully spawned and have free swimming fry (been caught out too many times with egg eaters)

Watch this space!


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Have released all females - all 3 females were starting to build nests in their own containers.

Copper CT female went straight to the nest and the pair instantly tried an embrace - first time I've had instant interest like that.  No eggs as yet, but keeping an eye on things.  Female is helping build the nest...lol

Orange female CT had made a couple of trips to the nest to inspect, but nothing yet.

Feral female heavily striped and interested in the nest.  Male has started patrolling the tank looking for intruders...lol


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