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Koi PK x Red Show PK

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This is a spawn I waited a couple of months to do.  Male is a Koi I either picked up at the Vic Betta show, or the BBB show  auctions (I purchased one at each.) The female is a young red female from my July spawn (Marble x Orange Show PKs). The females matured faster than the males and have turned out to be good breeders.




Introduced - Friday 30th October
Spawned Tuesday - 2nd November
Hatched - Wednesday - 3rd November
Free Swimming - Thursday 4th November

First Foods - MW 4 times a day
Starting BBS Hatchery Saturday - 6th November

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1st feed of BBS tonight!

Found some slightly bigger fry (12) in a waste water bucket. One of my assumed failed spawns that I removed and stripped the tanks down on must have actually bred.  I am hoping it is my Steel Blue HM pair.  I have put them in with this spawn.  I'll update their progress here until I can identify who they are...



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