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ASV July meeting (plant night)

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It's July and time for the yearly plant night!

This year 3 tanks will be set up in 3 distinctive styles:
*Adrian - of exotic aquatic and ADA glory -
Will be setting up a 'nature' style aquascape
*John Lenegan - of EDAS and ANGFA - will be setting up a biotype style aqaurium
* and lastly Eddie Tootal - 7 times winner/place getter for the EDAS cyril callam trophy- will be setting up a dutch style aquarium.
All plants have been provided by the EDAS - plant study group.

Plus all the usual fixtures:
Flash-a-Plant with Eddie
Table Show
--> Large Tropicals: Non-rainbow natives
--> Small Tropical: Tetras
--> Goldfish: Orandas and shubunkins
--> Plants: Ferns and Pogostemons
--> Bettas: Plakats
Trading Table
Question Time
Door Prize and


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