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Fish fair (Melbourne)

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On July 20th 9.30 am to 12.30 pm
In the Waratah Room, Nunawading the ASV in conjunction with EDAS and other aquarium societies will be holding a fish fair!
Similar to the auction a huge selection of goods are offered to the general public however at the fish fair you get to speak to the vendors and see the goods before you buy.
Use the fish fair to mingle and gain knowledge form hobbiests and breeders so you know the most about your potential purchases

See a fish you like but know nothing about keeping?
Struggled with a plant previously that someones selling?
Unsure of a food or filter?
guess who you can speak too

and its not just fish! in the past there's also been cactuses, bonsais and other bits and pieces available at the fair so expect to find something great on the day

Participants (Breeders, businesses, clubs or general hobbiests) can rent a table and sell direct, COMMISSION FREE.
A table only costs $25 for the day but hurry as there only a hand full of tables left!

Hope to see you all on the day

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