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How do colour changes work as they grow older?

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My red male betta is in his 20L tank. My little sister has his old bowl, the 13L, and it has a small female crowntail in it (I think this female was sold way too young, she had no colour at the pet store when she first went on sale, but by the time we were ready to buy her, her fins had turned orange/red and her body turned white). She is about 1.2 inches in body length.

We're not that worried about her gills at the moment but it's something we've been looking at for a while. I can't really tell. I wanted a second opinion about her colour.. whether or not she's trying to grow more colour or if she looks a bit inflamed.

Here are photos of her, maybe 2 weeks ago. Sorry for the bad angle, it was hard to get a good picture without making her jolt away. Her gills started to get a bit pinky (when we got her, they were white).


And here's some pictures of her from today. It was hard to take, she kept swimming around to avoid the camera's focus. She looks like she's blushing intensely. I've also noticed that she has a gold-tinted speckled pattern covering her whole body now, which she didn't have before. I know about velvet but I think velvet is supposed to look like dust or sand. She looks like she is trying to grow colour but can't. I don't know. You can only see it visibly from a top-down view, but she won't sit still.


also bonus pic of jasper's new tank


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She looks like a Cambodian to me...and by your description, I'm guessing a marble carrier as well :)

Cambodian removes the influence of the black layer of her colouring and so turns her a pinkish skin colour allowing her internals to be seen through the skin, hence the redness around her blood infused gill area.

The first photo also shows the presence of an iridescent layer, but this wont show up very well without a black background - but as the Cambodian has removed the black layer, then the irid layer only refracts some light instead of the normal blue/green colours.

She looks fine to me :)

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