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Restrictions on Importing and Exporting Aquatic plants

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Hi could someone point me in the right direction.

Where can I find a list of restrictions regarding the importing/exporting aquatic plants between Australian states?

Does each state have a different website and list etc?

Does ACT just fall under NSW?

Can Frogbit, Anubias, Java Fern, Java moss be shipped between VIC/ACT/NSW with out restrictions?


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According to LiveFish.com (A nice Australian owned online aquarium store) the restrictions are:

"NT customers need a permit before we can ship any fish or plants.

TAS customers are only able to order dry goods - see FAQ

WA customers cannot order plants, snails or mussels - fines can apply."

Correct me if I am wrong but apart from those restrictions it should be fine for aquarium plants to move around most parts of Australia.

I think ACT is seperate from NSW

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I've had a look into this before, I know frogbit is illegal in qld? But in Vic its fine.

These things are state by state, even koi are illegal in Vic but not nsw

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Thanks everyone for all the input & information.

I think that most aquarium plants will probably be OK, but just to be safe I called the number Brenton provided. http://www.quarantinedomestic.gov.au/

They referred me to the "Noxious Weeds Listing" of each state. They said that if its not on the particular states "Noxious Weeds List" it's fine.





These 2 states lists don't seem to have any plants that i know of/interested in.


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